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Thank you for a fabulous night of music and dancing last night! I received admiring compliments throughout the entire evening about the band---and I think the packed dance floor speaks for itself! I have danced to many live bands by now, but Swing Shift continues to be one of my top favorites. Thank you so much for coming out and gracing us again with the best dance of the year here at Brighton! Please let us know if you are playing in the area and ever want any swing dancers to come out. : )  Have a Merry Christmas!

---Chelsea Convis



On behalf of the Friends of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library, Id like to

extend our thanks for another terrific concert here at the Main Library.

When the Friends asked me to find them some entertainment for their annual

meeting that would bring a crowd, I just knew Swing Shift would be the band

to get the job done.  The Friends were thrilled with the size of the crowd and

everyone that attended enjoyed another great performance.  I even had some

of the librarians say they wished they could have attended instead of working

the desk shift last night!  We were delighted to be able to bring you back for

another great show.


Jamie Morris


Robert T. Maas


Great Band and beautiful music. In the the Mood was our favorite song and there were times in the past when other dancers left the dance floor to allow my wife Ilene and myself to show off. Thanks Again

Name: Linda


Loved all of your bands, the swing band and the 50's 60's. Do you do show in other parts of Michigan? We are in the SWMI corner, west of Kalamazoo. We would love to have you for our Concerts in the Park, if you do this area. Linda

jim simpkins


really like your web site. very nice site.

Thank you: The Swing Shift Jazz Ensemble